The three things donors can do to help prevent corruption


13 May 2020

For donors wishing to tackle corruption in the mining sector, it’s important to understand that corruption is a complex issue and the extractive industries are also complex! It takes time to achieve systemic and lasting change to eliminate the loopholes that enable corruption.

Country donor agencies can help by empowering and supporting local civil society which plays a critical role in monitoring decision-making and company conduct.

There are three things donors can do:

First, help protect our rights. Doing this type of work can be risky for civil society. Donors can support broader efforts to safeguard the space for civil society, our rights and freedom to speak up and work to create a fairer future.

Second, help us get access. One of the best ways donors can empower civil society is by being a broker or convenor between civil society, industry and government through local embassies and consulates.

Third, endorse our work. Donors can help by being vocal about why it is important to fight corruption in extractives and build more transparency, accountability and integrity. This strengthens the credibility of organisations like Transparency International and helps us make progress with different groups. Communicating your support for real change on these issues in public and behind closed doors to people in power will make a real difference.

Our Research and Policy Manager Lisa Caripis outlines the three things donors can do to help us prevent and stop corruption in the mining sector.

These interviews and videos were created in collaboration with the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre.