Business Integrity

Our work

Companies can catalyse change through their anti-corruption and business integrity policies, procedures and practices.

To do so, mining companies must get things right from the start. This means implementing robust and effective anti-corruption procedures when seeking to secure mining licences and permits or to invest in or acquire an existing project.

Mining companies, industry associations, investors and professional advisors like lawyers and impact assessors have a key role to play in rejecting and preventing corrupt behaviour in the mining sector. High industry standards can also have a positive, demand-side effect that encourages government reform for enhanced anti-corruption, transparency and accountability in the licensing process.

Why we focus on licensing

The licensing phase of a mining project is particularly susceptible to corruption. A quarter of all corruption cases in the oil, gas and mining sectors globally arise at the very start of those extractive projects. Corruption affects project viability, the company’s reputation and relationships with investors and business partners.

At a time when social licence to operate is regarded as the top business risk facing the mining industry, having effective systems in place to detect, prevent and manage corruption risks is a business imperative both to ensure compliance with applicable laws and because it is good for business.

Who we work with

We work with mining companies of all sizes to improve business integrity standards and practices – from junior to mid-tier to major companies. We engage with national mining associations and global bodies and investors. We have presented at and alongside the African Mining Indaba in Cape Town, the International Mining and Resources Conference in Melbourne, and PDAC in Toronto.

Together with our partners at the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM), World Economic Forum and EITI, we bring together companies to discuss emerging business integrity issues. Get in touch to learn more.

Our business integrity tools

We have developed some custom-made tools for mining companies to mitigate corruption risks and raise business integrity standards.

The Responsible Mining Business Integrity tool is an interactive self-assessment tool that helps mining companies evaluate and strengthen their anti-corruption controls and procedures.

The Anti-Corruption Guide for Junior Mining Companies is designed to help smaller mining companies understand and manage corruption risks during licensing and permitting in high-risk jurisdictions.

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