Ghana – Corruption Risk Assessment Report on Mineral Mining Licensing

March 2020

Mining in Ghana
Despite the great potential of the mining sector in Ghana, its contribution towards the national economy and sustainable development as a whole has fallen below expectation over the years.

Poor mineral sector governance and corrupt practices along the value chain have been noted as key obstacle to the performance of the mining sector. The license application and processing procedures is one of the areas in which the risks and vulnerabilities to corruption in the mining value-chain occurs. Therefore, identifying and eliminating these risks and vulnerabilities is an important effort towards enhancing the contribution of mining to the national economy and sustainable development in general.

The Accountable Mining Programme (AMP) is an initiative that focuses on promoting sustainable development through mining. The aim of the programme is to identify and address weaknesses in the mining sector governance framework by working with key stakeholders to bring about policy and practice change.

The main objective of this research is to contribute to improving the mining licensing system by identifying and addressing its weaknesses.