Submission: EITI’s role in fighting corruption

31July 2019

Transparency International’s Mining for Sustainable Development (M4SD) Programme commends the EITI Secretariat for examining the opportunities for the EITI to contribute to the fight against corruption and welcomes the invitation to comment on the Discussion Paper ‘The EITI’s Role in Fighting Corruption’.

Transparency International is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption in more than 100 countries. Transparency International’s M4SD Programme is focused on reducing corruption risks in the processes for awarding mining licences, permits and contracts.

The M4SD programme is implemented in 20 resource-rich countries by TI country offices (“chapters”) and coordinated by TI Australia. Transparency International’s M4SD Programme broadly endorses the findings and recommendations in the Discussion Paper. In our comments, we elaborate on some areas we consider to be especially important and identify further opportunities to strengthen anticorruption efforts.