A MORE ACCOUNTABLE mining sector
for indigenous australians

A fairer process for Indigenous Australians

When a mining company applies for a right to mine, it is supposed to consult with the people that live in the area, the communities that will be affected by mining operations, and the Indigenous owners of the land.

But how fair and how transparent is that consultation process, particularly for Indigenous people?

Overly complex information, a lack of transparency, and unbalanced representation can lead to agreements that may not serve Indigenous communities’ best interests.

Transparency International Australia is working to make this information and this process easier to understand and access.

We want the Indigenous communities that care for that land to be able to participate in the decisions that affect their lives and have a stronger seat at the negotiating table.

By supporting Indigenous people’s voice and right to participate in mining-related decisions, we are helping communities protect their homes and preserve their livelihoods and traditions.

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