The Abridged MACRA Tool


The abridged version of the MACRA Tool has a four month implementation period so that a broader audience can identify, assess and prioritise corruption risks for action. The tool aims to support civil society organisations, businesses and governments to pinpoint corruption risks in the awards process. Using the tool for this purpose enables users to develop an evidence-based foundation for targeted and effective action to improve transparency and accountability and prevent corruption in the mining awards process.

With the Abridged MACRA Tool, users will:

  • Identify the vulnerabilities and strengths in the mining award process
  • Identify and assess the corresponding corruption risks
  • Validate and prioritise corruption risks for action
  • Transition from research into action

The tool takes a multi-stakeholder approach to ensure that diverse views are well incorporated in the assessment and recognises that women have an important role to play in preventing corruption.

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