Mexico – Corruption risks in the process of awarding mining concessions

March 2020

Mining in Mexico

This corruption risk assessment was carried out as part of Trans­parency International’s Accountable Mining Programme. The objective of this study is to identify systemic, regulatory and in­stitutional vulnerabilities to corruption in the awarding of mining concessions, permits and contracts, as well as to assess the cor­ruption risks created by these vulnerabilities. This report presents the main findings of the study and the results of the corruption risk assessment.

Transparencia Mexica identified 31 vulnerabilities in the pro­cess of awarding mining concessions in Mexico. TM analysed these vulnerabilities to determine the corruption risks that they can create. From this analysis, we obtained the 15 potential risks presented in this report, which we hope will contribute to devel­oping pathways to address and mitigate these risks.

For Mexico, the research comes at a crucial time when, with the change of administration in the federal executive, the current Mexican government has stated that the existing concession and award model are under comprehensive review. For this reason, this research aims to contribute to the debate in the current con­text through an exhaustive review of this mechanism and the way in which it is awarded.