DRC – Rapport d’Evaluation des Risques de Corruption


This report presents the primary findings of the evaluation of corruption risks in the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The objective of this study is to identify the systemic, regulatory and institutional vulnerabilities leading to corruption in the awarding of mining rights and related licenses, permits and contracts and to assess the specific corruption risks created by these vulnerabilities.

The Ligue Congolaise de Lutte contre la Corruption (LICOCO) is one of the 20 National Chapters of Transparency International participating in the Mining for Sustainable Development Programme.

With a better understanding of the nature and causes of corruption risks, LICOCO is committed to developing and implementing solutions to address priority corruption risks. This includes working with relevant stakeholders in government, the mining industry, civil society and communities affected by mining operations to promote transparency, accountability and integrity in decisions to award mining titles.